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About Us

Who we are:

To showcase our dedication to a business model that values family and partnership, our namesake Mayson’s, is a combination of our last names. We are committed to providing quality wines and teaching patrons about different wines and grape varieties. 

We are devoted and invested partners, personally and professionally, in building a strong sense of community through and through. And we wholeheartedly champion small businesses.

We look forward to seeing you come through our doors and throughout the neighborhood! 

Susan & Jason Maynard:

Susan grew up in Oklahoma with her sister, Lisa. During her amazing career, she has supported members of the U.S. Army and their families as well as multiple government. Her drive and determination enabled her to become an important part of multiple military communities on a day-to-day basis and during various deployments. She has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of Soldiers and their Family Members on their educational goals, financial planning, and overall wellness, increasing the overall effectiveness of our men and woman.

Jason grew up in South Dakota and served in the U.S. Army for 30 years, retiring as a Sergeant Major. During his time in service, he deployed a total of five times to various locations; Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and three tours to Iraq. He constantly found ways to help each community he was stationed in by partnering with local Veteran’s Groups, homeless shelters, and food banks.

Their love and passion of wine has grown over the years, especially wines produced in California. They thoroughly enjoyed the time they were able to spend in the Temecula, Southern California wine country. They have always dreamt of sharing their experiences with friends and local communities.

Lisa & Blaine Nelson:

Lisa grew up in Oklahoma with her sister Susan. Lisa has been in the hospitality business for over 20 years. She lived in Las Vegas for many years and was able to work in some of the largest hotels on the famous Las Vegas Strip. She relocated to Orlando to continue with her career with her husband Blaine. Lisa has always had a love of wine and spurred the idea of opening a wine shop.

Blaine grew up in Massachusetts and found his passion for food by cooking with his mother. He trained in France to become a chef and he has been able to open several restaurants in Orlando and Las Vegas. He moved on to Banquets at Mandalay Bay and then took an incredible position in Orlando where he could sharpen his culinary skills and wine palette.

Blaine has always appreciated wine and when he married his wife Lisa, they both expanded on their experience and knowledge. They greatly appreciate wines from Spain, Argentina, and New Zealand. After several trips to both California and France, which cemented their desire to share their experiences, they decided it was time to share with friends and the community.